What’s going on my Gente. It’s been a while now that I haven’t truly posted something personal and truly need to “Desahogar” and I think this is the perfect day and place for that. The past months we have moved a lot of things around, not with the brand but in my personal life. First we moved and had to relocate my work station to my new house, the garage that came with it was used for fixing cars so there’s a bunch of mechanic shit laying around plus it’s old and full of spider webs. I have a lot of stuff that needed to be stored so I threw everything in and didn’t even organize it, so it’s kinda annoying screen printing from there. Later on I re arranged a bit and set up the silk screen machine to get some orders out but I am not content at all with the set up and really hate working in there because of it. I will re arrange my garage and make everything look sick and a place where I can actually work comfortably. My design station got moved to my living room and is constantly plundered by my youngest boy, apparently he wants to design too and destroy everything on it’s way, very creative and heading the right direction just not with my work station. Due to these two things I have not felt like sitting down and creating new stuff like I used to. I still have a shit load of illustrations I need to finish that are in sketch form but look at them and what once had a lot of potential I really don’t care about any more. I really feel like the passion is not there anymore, I don’t understand why but it’s just how I feel at the moment. So for the Halloween weekend we went to a new club in Downey, CA called “La Casa Del Cuervo” it was La Cueva’s gothic crowd minus every one else, it was alright but the feeling of actually leaving my town and going out made me feel a little better. The tacos we had after made up for the night, they were bomb, Tacos “El Gavilan“. The guy in the picture won the costume contest, probably one of the sickest out there.


My two boys are growing super fast and aside of watching Sponge Bob, Pepper Pig and Dora both like to draw and play soccer a lot, for Halloween Julian (The oldest) wanted to be MIB so I bought him the costume but when the day came he said fuck it and threw on his old Spider Man Costume, so we handed down the costume to the (youngest) Milo, here’s both of them looking sharp before going out for “Triki Tri”.


Eventhough I been feeling like shit, I still manage to convert some of my sketches into the final product and here’s an example of what had to be this years Halloween Dia De los Muertos Collection. “Cucuy Buster” Available now. I had like 6 other concepts but haven’t finish the vectoring. Here’s the shirt printed the night before, sorry for the quality of the picture.


For the past five months I have been trying out for our new professional indoor soccer team the Ontario Fury and am getting in shape like crazy, I think I have lost like 20 lbs. I made the reserves team and am fighting for a spot in the pro level day by day, our first game was against Toros Mexico from Tijuana Baja California. Here’s a picture entering our home field the Citizens Bank Arena in Ontario, CA. One of the best feeling in the world.


My team played before the professional squad did and right after leaving the locker room I headed over with my family and enjoyed the game where we destroyed Tijuana 16-8, it was fun seeing the pro team play a real game after practicing with them for the past month.


I have a lot sketches like this one chilling in my desk, by the time I get to them the idea is voided and don’t feel inspired to even move forward with it. This could easily be a logo for a “Taqueria”, Butcher Shop, Pig Farm or just for fun, so if you want it hit me up and I will wip it out for you for a good deal. Thanks a lot for sitting here and reading through this post I have a lot in my head that is stopping me from continuing the growth of this brand that I need to fix. My brand should of been in your local retail stores already but due to my bad decision it hasn’t. I owe a huge apology to the followers of it for not keeping it fresh and up to date. The ball keeps moving forward.


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