What The, Thunder Bolts

Crazy thunder started two nights ago and was pretty scary, I honestly thought that I was going to get hit by one on the way home, they felt so close.  When I got home I found my sis talking to her boyfriend and my kid spying on them, “What the hell are you guys doing outside?”SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAHe said “nothing” well he cant’ talk yet but probably in his  mind.  The thunder kept going and going, the TV was down, Fuck Charter they suck as a company, let me see what else.  Oh yeah started to play with Jules and also took some dope pics with my sucky camera of the rain hoping to catch a lighting bolt but no luck.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAJules just kept playing like nothing was going on, it’s weird how babies see the world without a care or knowledge that if one of those bolts hits his little head it would kill him in an instant, but hey fuck it all he kept saying was “wawa” Translation “Water”.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThen I picked him up and I don’t know how the heck he hit my face, but broke my beat up glasses in half.  He honestly got a good shot at them a perfect shot in the middle.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAI wasn’t mad at all these suckers were ready to retire any moment and it had to be on this day, RIP Fucked up Swap Meet Glasses we had a lot of adventures together (I’ll post images of that some other time, Thrust me you’ll want to see them)It’s time for new ones and also time for me to go, well in the end it wasn’t the end of the world cause it’s not 2012 yet but it was a warning from gods mainly the one they call TLALOC, the sun came out like nothing and stopped the crazy ass thunder and rain and the world kept revolving like nothing happen at all, just shows how this world can fuck up the whole human civilization in seconds with out even saying anything, just beautiful we love you mother earth, we love you.  Salud and keep away from big trees they might fall on ya’.  Good Night Fellow Readers of this great T-Shirt Blog.  Good Night.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAblog_signature.png

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