Vive La Lucha: Event Day


Vive La Lucha was one of the dopest events I have a been to. From dope ass performers to some good ass food and to top it off some good old Lucha Libre Mexicana.

One of the nice perks to have when vending at these shows is meeting the artist before an after the show, we got to kick it a little bit with Nortec Collective that’s Bostich and Fussible, we also saw Blue Demon Walking into his dressing room before the big fight, I got to meet the trainer that trains him and trained his father back in the days, saw Mascarita Sagrada walking around without his mask, met 2Mex, his dad said that our Bohemio shirt was dope, honestly it’s just a tribute to one of the greatest singers of all time Pedro Infante, got to kick it with Sick Jacken for a little (I deliver a personal message from my friend to him) He liked the Cepillin Shirt (Palabra De Payaso) and handed him a couple of flyers and stickers I gave Nortec a “Fuck La Crisis” Limited Print that will be worth millions in the future, LOL, but the best part was meeting all the people who would only give great feedback about DIMEX honestly guys thanks for all the support it’s the only inspiration needed to even continue in this crazy journey. Well I got to get back to work and make some “Beautiful T-Shirts” like Christian Audigier says, thanks again and remember one thing “DIMEX VIVE”. Saludos.

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