A lot of people say “oh growing up I used to skate and was really good at it” I too have story like that. I started skating when I was 6 or 7 I don’t remember exactly but I used to have an old cheap board my aunt had bought for me in Nogales Arizona when she took her annual trip to buy “Falluca” to re-sell in Guaymas. I had asked her for a skateboard but didn’t tell her which one, so she bought me a very cheap kind with the brake pad in the back and the front lip protector, the wheels where huge and slow as fuck and the design was really ugly. But what the heck to do, I had to use this board and started practicing. I got pretty good, I was mainly jumping off of these wall like side walks you only see in Mexico, they were pretty big and took pride on clearing them out. One day I slipped with the skateboard and it went out flying and a semi truck ran over it. It was the worst day in my 7 yr old life. The kids with the cool boards used to make fun of mine since they had the American brand boards that were huge in the USA. I was pretty good for my age, but then stopped skating when we came to this country, it was very weird. Bones Brigade is the story of the greatest skateboard team ever. Chekalo.

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