On my way to Tijuana for my very first game against a Third Division soccer team in Mexico I took a picture of the Tijuana/San Diego border, and all of a sudden a really hot “Adauna” or Mexican Border Patrol chick started screaming at us, “Who took a picture, who’s camera was that?” I mean she looked mean. Then she told us to go to the side for inspection. Man all this for a picture, so the guy at the inspection asked me if I had taken a picture that there’s no cell phones allowed in this are and some other BS. So then he asked where are you guys going and we told him to play against the Xoloitzcuintles of Tijuana and he said “Really” Okay, pasale, hehe. That was a close one.

So we headed to their training grounds right next to their Caliente Stadium and got right to it. Geared up, warmed up and go ready mentally for the game. I didn’t start but couldn’t wait for the opportunity to start the game. First half we got scored on twice, with penalty kicks then we went to half time. The guys were fast as hell and passed the ball very well, they had a chemistry that takes two years and many weekly practices to get. Then I got called up for the second half and started warming up a little more. I go in, and no doubt theses guys were good. I crashed with one of them on a air ball and punched the ball out then in a break away I came out and dove as he placed the ball to my left post, tipping the ball with my hands but not enough to make the save it hit the post and went right in. A couple of minutes later one of their forwards did my defense dirty and took a shoot from outside the box to my right post giving me very little time to react. 4-0 Xolos won. Over all it was an amazing experience that only comes once in a life time at least for a soccer lover like me, hehe. Oh did I mention I saw the pro team training in a field right above us, sick.

After that I had to get over our defeat and acknowledge all of my flaws as a player and train harder for the next game. We had a team talk and headed out to get some amazing Fish Tacos, Shrimp Tacos and Media Dozen of Patas De Mula. It was awesome.

Los Chirines or a mini local band was playing right next to us and started singing a pretty well know corrido, great environment and food, Que mas Quieres, hehe. Well that’s my story today. Oh yeah, I was rocking the Narcos De Sinaloa Shirt and everyone really digged it, you can get yours today by visiting the Online Store open 24/7. Gracias.

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