As I look down my iphoto library in my computer, I have like 20 albums regarding our first DIMEX store. From the moment we saw it and started the modifications to the point we had to close it down. I look a the images and reminisce on the whole process that we had to go through and laugh at the really good times spent there. Like the day some doped out dude started fighting with my El Muerto Shirt displayed in front of our store front, that was hilarious. A frutero used to come by and sell me freshly diced fruits con Chile y limon, The day my man Hydro 74 was at the DIMEX store, when Los Angeles en Vivo came down and interviewed us and I was hell of nervous and most of all when I would get to meet those loyal customers who would travel from really far away and made sure to pass by the store to introduce them selves and purchase one of our shirts. Thank You all for all the great support brought to the DIMEX store in those six months, all I have now are memories and the experience to create something better and something greater in the future for the brand. We are looking for a new location and will keep you posted on how we are doing. There will be a DIMEX Store soon and it will be greater then ever. LA MARCA VIVE, DIMEX VIVE.

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