When I came to California we stayed in a little house right next to a strawberry field. We used to hope the fence that gated the parcel and would pick all the red juicy fresh strawberries that had just bloomed out of it’s plant. when all of a sudden a man would come out from some trailers that were by the corner screaming to stop doing that, later on we found out this guy was the dude that was taking care of the plantation. My grandma (que en paz descanse) would come out and fight with the guy, later on they became good friends and instead of him screaming at us he would come down with a huge box filled with huge pieces of the fruit. Abuelita I miss you. The Harvest looks like an interesting documentary that shows how kids still work in plantations like this one, I honestly thought that shit was over. Check it out and support it at your nearest theater that will be playing it.

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