When the idea came to create a brand the design process was a piece of cake. But the hard part came when I had to create the icon that would wrap the whole company together. I asked myself what represents DIMEX? What says what we are in the simplest and most iconic way?

I did some sketches and didn’t like any of them, so finally I had to pick something and went with the first version of our logo a simple “D”. The letter was kinda bubbly and toy looking but for a while this is what represented the brand. I kept designing shirts and always had that thing that bothers you in the back of your head when you don’t like something. Finally I decided to do something different, I admire the Obey brand and loved their logo like crazy, so I made my “D” into a stencil and spelled out “Diseños Mexicanos” in the bottom of it. The very first shirt that had this logo was the “Mi Aguila” and was very hard to read when it was printed in the back so I decided to take it out and just leave the “D” by itself and Skew it to the right like it was moving forward.

After a while that same feeling came back and had to redesign the logo again. This time I felt a little more confident and it clicked right away. I decided to use the icon of an eagle because when I was a kid I would always see my dad pull up in this old Ford pick up truck with and image of an eagle on it’s door. It wasn’t an ordinary eagle, it had this power to it that would attract my attention every time I saw it. We would be driving down the road and I would see billboards with this icon and would recognize it in a second. That picture was the company my dad worked for “PEMEX”.

The eagle is what represents the brand, it shows power, strength and progress and it also has that sentimental value to why I am here in this country. As the brand keeps growing the look keeps changing but now we have an icon/mascot with a story that will never change.

Also check this video called “The Art Of Logo Design” It’s sick.

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