The Caesar salad: the pride of Tijuana


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The Caesar salad is from Mexico. Who knew?

Well, it’s true. While many people consider the Caesar salad an Italian restaurant staple, turns out that it is Prohibition-era Tijuana that we have to thank for the invention of this divine dish. It’s debatable who exactly concocted the very first one, but at some point in the 1920’s Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant in Tijuana, started serving this new salad at his restaurant, Caesar’s. Soon, everyone was coming to watch waiters in black ties mix together garlic, anchovies, lime juice, egg yolk, and olive oil, in a large wooden bowl, table side. Some high quality Parmesan cheese and a few freshly toasted croutons were the finishing touches. And then, as it is still suggested, diners used their fingers to pick up the crisp Romaine lettuce spears and enjoy.

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