The Best Tacos de Tijuana B.C.

On my last quick visit to “Tijuas”, I went as usual to the best taqueria Tijuana has to offer.  Tacos Los Albañiles, I don’t know exactly where the place is since I’m not to street savvy in those areas but all I know that it’s the bomb.  All kinds of meats, tortillas, and the drinks don’t even get me started on the drinks.  Mouth watering Coka-Cola en su botella, mmm.  Tripitas, asada, carnitas, cueritos, cabeza, ojo, buche, birria, barbacoa, al pastor, de pollo, de pescado, de frijoles even de vegetables if you are a vegetarian.  Topped with frijoles de al olla, y su guacamolito, honestly the sickest.  If you go down there ask a cab driver or better yet so you don’t get kidnapped (jk) ask a local, jeje.  Mis saludos al Guero the taquero in charge, originally from El Salvador, who would of thought.  See you then, and be safe.  Remember “Come Frutas Y Verduras”


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