A couple years ago I embarked on a mission to becomes a professional indoor soccer goalkeeper. The opportunity came when my home town announced the arrival of a new pro soccer game to the city, right away I looked up the info on how I could be a part of it. I tried out and made the very first cut and the second, I was really excited that I had my foot inside the door to what today is going to be 3 and half years trying to get to my goal. This Oct my fourth season as a Fury Player (2 as a reserves and one as a pro) will start, and honestly I’m on the road to the best shape of my life, I’m 32 and almost getting a six pack for the first time lol. I have learned so much and am anxious to see what’s this coming season holds for me. Here’s a very well edited highlight video of my team Ontario Fury vs Tacoma Stars in what was the game that knocked us out from making it to the playoffs. Enjoy. (FYI I’m not the keeper, I was a backup)

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