1Today as I was getting ready to open the DIMEX Store, I got an email from our neighbor Copy Kwick saying that our store front window was smashed into pieces. So I finished up what I was doing and took off. When I got to the spot I saw that it was all boarded up from outside, our other neighbor from the Iggie’s Antique shop covered the big hole left in front of our store with some left over boards he had. 11Then I called Pomona PD to see what they had for me, and guess what like anything else that has to do with vandalism or robbery all they had was a stupid report number. Man I don’t need a number I need my window fixed and justice for the crime.11I wonder what was the reason for this? Are people really that fucked up, we are here opening up our very first store sacrificing everything we own and spending numerous hours of the day to bring this project to life so one immature, lonely, not enough love from mommy or daddy, “Cholito” can come to my store front and bust the glass like that. Really man, what’s the deal, do you need attention, you know there’s programs for that, they’ll take good care of you. 11If you are going to be vandalizing stores first off go vandalize the place you love then if you don’t feel like shit then put that energy into something valuable like growing up and getting a life. If you who ever you are, are a Hispanic/Latino dude then I don’t feel mad I just feel sorry for you. We came to this country to better ourselves not to throw away this great opportunity by vandalizing stores and fucking with other people, one day you’ll meet a “Cabron” that will put you into place, knock your thoughts into sense. Anyways, my business is still running our message is still being spread no little incident like this can or will stop the brand from growing nor stop it from succeeding. If you are out there, and you want to talk about what I just wrote, “Te Miro, Ya Sabes Donde Estoy”.

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