In Collaboration with Hip Hop Artist Scheme we came up with the artwork for his new single “LA CLIKA”. We are also offering a new T-Shirt in both black/white via our online store.

Who is Scheme? A Mexican rapper who was born and raised in Chicago, Scheme is showcasing his versatility with both production as well as language with his new single “La Clika”, which will be featured on a future mix tape in collaboration with DJ Scend. The production, courtesy of Chicago producer, Serious, is just one of the many aspects of Scheme’s new musical venture, where he hopes to make and leave his mark in the music industry. Combining his Mexican and Hip-Hop roots, he’s developed a unique sound through which he hopes to bridge the gap that he once felt had him feeling like he had two identities.

“La Clika”, Spanish for The Clique “is a cultural movement, I want my fans to represent La Clika. This is our team. La Clika represents those who haven’t felt represented in Hip-Hop music.” – Scheme

Don’t forget to check out more of Scheme’s work at and to purchase La Clika click on the link.

Thank you and I hope you guys enjoy it.

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  1. […] single is premiering on along with a “La Clika” tee- shirt featuring the logo for the single- designed by Dimex as well […]

  2. […] new single is premiering on along with a “La Clika” tee- shirt featuring the logo for the single- designed by Dimex. S/O to […]


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