What’s up my “Gente”, hope everything is cool with you guys and are getting ready for the holidays coming up. Lot’s of bargain shopping and deciding what to get the family for Christmas. Remember we have some dope deals here in the DIMEX store a bunch of shirts we are “Rematando” so we can continue releasing new product, like the one I am about to talk about. Rise Quetzalcoatl was a design I created after designing Fresh Tlaloc but didn’t get to release until now. We will be receiving this collectible piece by the end of this month and honestly I am super excited since it’s probably one of my favorite T-Shirt designs because of the simplicity and the huge message behind it. I hope you guys can share the same feeling and hope to see some loyal customers rocking the shirt and posting a picture on our Facebook Page . The Shirt will be available for both Men and Women with both front, back and tag hit “Y a Todo Color”. Check it out Right Here. Chido pues now back to work, talk you guys soon. Sales.

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