Redemption 2: Recap

6We also stopped by Nahui Ohlin, the show was about to begin, so we setup and stared the show.543Happy Soul started the performance with some cool relaxing music.2'Then Quese IMC dropped it on the Mic.1The show was good we got to eat some Indian Tacos, Tamales con Champurrado, and drank some Tecate beer. I got to catch up with Ernesto from Hecho Con Ganas, we talked about all his upcoming events, which are dope, (More to come on that). After the show was done we said our goodbyes and left LA. I was falling asleep behind the wheel, no one was talking to me so I started listening to some Roberto Tapia y sus Corridos. We finally got home at around 2 AM, my mom was preparing the Tamales for Christmas, Yes It’s that time again.

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