“No Papers, No Fear”. Growing up as an immigrant my parents would always be on the look out for “La Migra”. Mostly my dad since he was the one who had to commute to his job while driving without a license, he had been stopped by the police multiple times an luckily had been let go, yes there’s nice cops out there as well as pigs. He told me a story once about how he was heading to his job at 5 AM and a cop pulled him over coming out of our house, asked him what he was doing driving around so suspicious, he then told him I am going to work, the cop asked “Do you have a family here” my dad answer yes, so he then let him go with a warning not to be driving around without a license. He has many stories like this and to this day he has adapted to the situation with no papers and no fear. Check this interview about Fernando Lopez a participant in the RIDE FOR INJUSTICE.

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