RECAP: Hollywood Forever Presents Dia De Los Muertos

Going to this event made me realize how much our culture is followed by other cultures. I was surprised to see how many people attended this show that was being held at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood. As we got there the line wrapped around the cemetery like a snake and half of the people were dressed and painted like traditional Catrines y Catrinas Similar to those images that Jose Guadalupe Posadas once created.
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I was happy to see the different ethnic groups at this event, I’m usually used to seeing Latinos at the events I go to but on this day on this event we all celebrate the dead.  There was booths everywhere offering there services and selling their crafts, from Muerto skulls to more muerto/bone designs.  Big sponsors were backing this event up and were there to also sell their product all wrapped up by a great performance by the one and only Lila Downs, her style is unbeatable in my ears, she can perform and sing songs like no other, fully taking me back to the little towns in Oaxaca and Veracruz.  She didn’t sing some of my favorite songs like “El Feo”, “La Llorona” and “La Bruja” but it was all good I still got to experience her energy as a performer and loved it.  As I walked back I saw in the very far a similar face in the Latino Radio industry “Pepe Garza”  but didn’t get a chance to talk to him since he left and got lost into the crowd.  The show was very fun, different and inspirational I would love to set up a booth here in the future to show to the people what DIMEX is all about, well see first I would have to get a hold of the person in charge, if anyone knows the that person please let me know.  Thank You.


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