The last time I visited Chicali or Mexicali Baja California, it was freakin’ cold as fuck. The summers are probably the worst in the whole nation, but Mexicali is Mexicali and many people have been here for one thing or another. This is the city I stayed in before we “Legally” 🙂 crossed the USA/Mexico border back in 92′, a lot of my friends and family members still live here, my dad grew up here and this is where i would visit during summer vacations when I was a kid. But last time I came here it was for my uncles cremation/family get together. Puro Chicali’, check out this mini poem/rap, I don’t know what to call it but it’s pretty cool. “Como los Chilangos, que viven en Tijuana donde se va la raza que le saca al caloron.”

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