What the?


See it?


This is not a Circus.  Well I had to tell the Neighborhood watchmen it was, but in the end he knew what it was and didn’t say anything in fact he asked me for a copy of Cepillin’s Movie Poster.  He said “this is good, I’m not taking down these posters, this is us”  I was super happy to hear this from the person in charge of this neighborhood that has been scarred for life with a violent past.


Echo Park is crazy.


After that I went to my printer guy who had my order ready, while he bagged my inventory I shot some pictures of some of my screens.  This is Muerto waiting to be cleaned.  


El Calendario, set-up with black plastisol ink.


Some of the tools my homie uses  to bust out quality product. Stay tuned on more behind the scenes.  That’s a trial hit for the tags.


On the Way home on Olympic Blvd. I bumped into a big festival behind a restaurant, turned out to be The Mexica New Year Event.  I didn’t get many pictures of this but it was popping.  After that I stopped at a Taqueria next to it and had some Cabeza tacos with hand made Tortillas and a bottled coke, kind of reminded me of last month when I was in Guaymas.  Ahh I love our food.  


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