SNC17537 It’s always fun visiting new states in this country, this one in particular is too cold for me, no wonder they call us “People of the Sun”SNC17513From the Suite, this was our view. Sick, The Mad Hatter looks like he hasn’t slept in days.SNC17533DIDDY on every billboard, LUCKY.SNC17527All the great NY plays available for the customer all with beautifully designed Huge Banners.SNC17523Some of the best Sangria in the USA, loved this Cuban restaurant.SNC17640This church is one of the sickest architectual designs that I have ever seen. You can stare at it for hours.SNC17646Hola señor, como estas?.SNC17639The world in your hands, remember that, well it’s mostly like on your back.SNC17630This was my favorite place, along with the Apple store, this place looked so fun so I had to shoot it. Although NY is one of the biggest capitals in the Entertainment business, I don’t think i can live there, I was already missing my taquitos al pastor con su buena Coca-Cola en su botella. :), enjoy.

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