I present to you the DIMEX team. When we have shows, I like to take the whole squad but it’s very hard to get the team together and share the excitement one gets when you get to meet your customers and friends in person. Honestly priceless.
Saludos to Yessenia who did a great job last year on expanding the brand to it’s point today, selling here and there presenting to some retail stores, ordering the shirts and picking them up from the printers, managing our funds and keeping me up to date on everything all of this while working full time behind and office desk (boring) but it has to be done like this for now.
Ashley my sister for supporting the brand to it’s fullest rocking the gear at her school showing it off to her friends and sometimes modeling since our budget is low we kinda use “US” just your regular kiddos from DIMEX :), she helps me tag the shirts and goes to show with us every now and then, you got a great future keep up the good work with your studies and soccer you’ll be rewarded.
My Homie John Salazar who has been with the brand since the start. John has been my friend since Junior High around 14 years “got’ damn” We have worked together to create some old and upcoming concepts for the brand and the brands future, “Gracias Hermano” pretty soon we’ll be drawing everyday like we wished when we were little.
Mom and Pops for bringing me to this country leaving everything you knew about to give me a better future, for all the advice and motivation given to work hard every day and live life to the fullest also “Hehe” for helping me build our new desk for the office, mom for making me a “cafecito” when I work late nights. Tio Tiano for helping wrap all the shirts together and giving our loyal customers the good quality product that they paid for.
Martin our part time photographer thanks for all those shoots we have had so far, it’s amazing watching you grow as time passes “Algun Dia Vas A Ser Chingo, That It’s Going To Be Hard To Contact You :)” Thanks for believing in the brand and supporting it to the fullest.
Juanito Lopez My “Primo” thanks for helping in getting the street team together and actually making it happen.
The crazy “Los Classics” we have some crazy ish’ going on this year so let’s get ready to cause some chaos, “Gracias Camaradas For all the support” I hope you guys still wash your Tees Like I showed you :).
My good friend Rolando Gutierrez who helped me promote the brand thru his nightclub, and for all the good advice both business and as a good friend. I hope “que te la estes pasando chingon en tu tierra, nos vemos por alla en un rato”. Gracias Ro.
Juliancito my son and future model for the kids line, gracias for making me smile when I work.
And last but not least to all of the models/dj’s/rappers/artists/friends who participated in our photo shoots during the past year, gracias for coming out and showing the love, hopefully we can get together for a reunion, hehe. Also to all of our good friends in the industry, thank you for giving us a change to place our product in your stores and for believing in our concept, for all the advice as experienced small business owners and your friendship. “Gracias Compas Y Que Siga La Mata Dando, This Year Will Bring Us New Challenges And New Goals. Saludos.


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