Omar Ortiz, a Mexican goalkeeper, has been arrested for allegedly taking part in a kidnapping ring for a major drug cartel.

‘El Gato’, or ‘The Cat,’ as Ortiz’s bright eyes led him to be called, is accused of selecting victims, mainly business owners, for ransoms of up to $73,000 for the Gulf drug cartel.

Government spokesman Jorge Domene told press, “He confesses to knowing these people for some time, more than a year. He became an accomplice to this gang by pin pointing the victims to be kidnapped. In exchange for that he would receive significant payments. He admits to doing this at least twice to which he received more than $7000 US dollars”

Having played a single match for the Mexican national team in 2002, Ortiz, a longtime regular for top division side Monterrey, was suspended for two years in 2010 after testing positive for steroids.

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