Nahui Ohlin Concert


Friday night was really productive.  After having a talk with the owner of Radio Futura in Pomona, CA we took off to Nahui Ohlin ‘s Yearly concert in their store.  Opening the show and also hosting the event thru-out the night was Tolteka.


After some beautiful tunes from an Apache man, whose name I forget, but all I have to say is that he was sick.

Then Quese IMC went up and got the crowd super pumped up.



Then the big headliner BocaFloja.



Then I saw the homie Ernesto taking pictures but wasn’t sure it was him.  So I asked him and it was.  I finally got to meet Ernesto who I had talked to online and on the phone for the longest but hadn’t met before.  Ernesto works with Obey Giant, pretty cool job for a guy who likes corridos and banda like me.  Check out his work “”



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