Last Saturday we took our kid for his first trip to Tijuana, my mom and suegra had to visit the Destist so went ahead and planned a mini trip to TJ with them. Before leaving we had the usual burrito de huevo and a coffee and headed out to pick up my mom’s and suegra. My kid was stocked and wanted to get there already.

The first thing my kid asked for was Papitas so I got him some Adobada Sabritas, hehe. Some of the stuff on the buildings are pretty interesting. The building decorations are art on it’s own.

This was on somebodies wall, don’t know what it means, it’s probably just for decoration, but it’s a full on painting on tile ebbed ed into the wall.

Hand drawn signs have always been my favorite, here’s a Taxi sign in the street. I wish I could make this into a font.

Churros with Cinnamon are the best. Have you seen how these things are made? Awesome.

Julian was tired of eating Papitas, Tacos, Nieve and candy he finally was about to give in and call it a day. Before he fell asleep he told me that “Me gusta Mexico” then I had to carry him for an hour before we crossed the border. I took some time to post some DIMEX stickers before leaving town. Going back pretty soon. Maybe Ensenada this time. Nos vemos.

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