One day when I was working on a project at the DIMEX store, my Wacom Pen slipped and fell on to the hard black tile, breaking the pen from the inside some how.  I didn’t think about looking up on google, like anything else, How to fix my Wacom Pen?.  So I let it slide and started using the mouse again.  Four months later I just feel the need to use the Tablet since I had been using it for the past four years in my recent job, so I ordered a brand new one from an online store.  I finally got it yesterday but to my surprise when I opened it, it wasn’t the right one.  I was furious.  Called the company that is located in NY and no answer it was already late, and all of the sudden I get the idea to look up the question on google, and so I did.  Looked for about 30 Minutes and found a clue.  I dismantled the pen and shit flew every where.  I had found the problem glued it back together and put the pen back to how it was.  Connected the tablet and “It Worked”.  Haha, I finally fixed something and now I can send the package I received yesterday back to NY and get my money back.  If it wasn’t for their mistake I would of never “Mickey Moused” my pen.  And it lives, now back to our regular programming.  “Coman Frutas Y Verduras”.

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