I couldn’t find the building, it was a little difficult so I asked the security dude in the library and he pulled out a huge map of the Cal Poly Pomona, looked at it and pointed at the building. I still couldn’t tell, it was a bunch of boxes that where suppose to resemble buildings. So he told me how to get there and I took off. The building was uphill and it reminded me how much out of shape I am at the moment, I caught my breath and finally found it. Some cool looking chick was sitting in the floor reading the business side of the Los Angeles Times and in the background I would hear a guy talking about how he had shipped a customers package a while back, yeah it felt like the business building.

I find the room and the LBSA reunion was in full session, I felt that weird feeling that you get when you do your first speech in front of your high school class, nervousness like a mother f#$%^*. I made it out alive, delivered what I had to say and finished my 30 minute speech. I got to say that I feel that I’m getting a little better as I do more and more of these talks. It was really cool sharing some of my thoughts with the students at Cal Poly Pomona, and it was an honor to talk in front of students who want to start their own businesses in the next couple of months. Thank you again I learned a lot and hope to see you guys next year.

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