Latina Fashionista Show

SNC16696Good Morning amigos, here are some pictures we took at the Latina Fashionista Fair in Downtown Los Angeles this past weekend. We got there a little late since we couldn’t find the place, I’m still getting the hang on how the streets work in LA but am getting better for sure. Some of the downtown streets were closed due to some type of parade that was passing by. So we found the place it was a nice huge building in the middle of the city with a little address number on top of it’s opening door, jaja, not even with my glasses I could see that far away. Anyways we went in and the fair was in full session, there was a lot of High School Kids looking into getting into the fashion industry and were looking for some pointers from a group of Fashionistas :). Setting up was fun, honestly I didn’t know where to put things, but in the end I just put all of our shirts in front of me and my sketchbook in the middle.SNC16703My computer wasn’t even charged so I didn’t get to use it, it would of made it a more visual presentation. So I talked about DIMEX and it’s stages that I think it’s going thru and then a lot of questions were asked. That was my favorite part, a lot of the students stood behind to talk to me more personally and answered all their questions to the best of my abilities.SNC16698It was funny because as I was presenting, there was a lot of noise coming from behind me, it was Julian going crazy, he already wanted to leave, we had just gotten there. It was almost like I told him “Let the wild rumpus start” but it was all good that was part of my presentation too, jk.SNC16699Some of the supporters there speaking were Art Center College of Design and other Latino business/store owners and fashionistas. The show ended pretty fast since we were late and all but overall I had a lot of fun meeting new people and talking to them about something I love doing. We headed out and decided to go to a Ramen place called Orochon Ramen around the same area.SNC16707My soup was super hot I got the number 2, the broth already being hot plus the spicy part of it made it worse. This place is the same place that Adam from Man Vs Food finished a Special #2 and got his picture taken and is displayed in their Wall of fame.SNC16709Julian was diggin into a Terriaki Chicken plate that was super good. Even-though the soup was supper hot I couldn’t stop eating it.SNC16713and eating it.SNC16715What can I say it was good, it did make my eyes watery do but that’s all part of the experience. jeje.SNC16719snc16721There was a really cool space ship outside of this shopping place so we took some pics.SNC16722We were all tired and had to drive back home, Julian didn’t wait for us to tell him to go “MIMIS” he just did. It’s an adventure every-time taking trips to LA from getting lost and meeting new people to eating different foods from all over the world it’s a great experience.


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