Las Pochadas at Mi Vida: Recap

6So we headed to Pasadena and got lost as usual, damn first generation Iphone it sucks (No GPS) Got there and set up, got the stuff ready since we were going to “Rematar” everything.7Ashley was acting stupid as usual, but got serious and starting helping.8Stephanie also came she helped us with the setup and the tear down, she was rocking El Calendario.They were both eating all the snacks, just kidding, Jessenia was.5The art pieces were sick with a bunch of up and coming artist like Chavacana Mil Caras, John Carlos De Luna, Wenceslao Quiroz, Danny Escalante and Erick Huerta. 4321Here’s Jake Prendez founder of Puro Pedo Magazine and a huge DIMEX supporter. Overall the show was sick got to meet new Dimex Supporters and friends. Mi Vida in Pasadena is also carrying DIMEX from now on so if you are close by hit it up for some new gear.

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