Like any kid I loved to play with my toys in my backyard all day long. I used to build fortress for the bad guys out of rocks and hide all of my action figures all over my grandma’s plants, build parachutes out of grocery bags, dress up as my favorite character with whatever clothes I could find. Climb trees, walls run on top of roofs, explore and find dead animals, dig into the earth supposedly to find fossils, make my bike into a horse and play jousting games with my friends, play street soccer, baseball, “Quemados”, Soldiers, Cowboys and Indians, Ninjas and the list goes on and on. Caine grabbed his amazing imagination and built an actual business out of nothing. Forget the old lemonade stands or selling cookies, he built his own arcade! I wish I was doing entrepreneurial stuff like this at his age, I hope everything is good with him and keeps building fun business like this one in the future. Always do what you love, you might not make much money but every time you wake up you wont feel bad about going to work, you wont be at work at all because you’ll be doing what you love. Enjoy.

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