Lac Superieur Residence


One day this house will be mine.  I will pick it up from Canada fly it to Guaymas, Sonora’s shores and just gate the shit out of it.  That way when I get there by the time I retire it will be perfectly fine.  Of course it would also be a good vacation spot right now that I’m young.


Sleeping here would be like sleeping in the woods but with all the security of a bear not eating your head.


I don’t know if this is a pool or just a little pond that acts like a mirror for the baddest house in the planet.


It kinda looks like a bunch of crates that come by boat from China but it still looks sick.


Every Morning I would take a shower here after a long day of doing nothing.


Doña whomever will cook all of my favorite dishes.


You don’t want to know what will go on right here.  Of course I would have my favorite magazines well organized implemented into the wall or something.  My reading time is sacred so it’s going to have lovely music there and some incense burning.

Lac Superieur Residence, Mont-Tremblant, Canada

Locals, used to a more traditional ski chalet in this popular ski resort area, refer to the building as the cube, a name choice requiring no imagination. When the Montreal-based architectural firm Saucier + Perrotte won the Canadian Architect magazine’s Award of Excellence for this project in 2004, the magazine called the entry the Lac Superieur Residence in Lac Superieur, Mont-Tremblant.


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