When I first saw Jenni Rivera’s Malandrinas Video I tripped out, at the time I was in high school and the corrido scene had hit the streets of Southern California. Instead of gangs there was cliks of fans of the genre, they would dress up like cowboys but with a snap back with an air brushed logo or name on the front panel.

Many of the cliques had song names like Las Malandrinas, Los Chacalosos, Los Periqueros, Los Compas Alegres amongst some others. These cliques would act kinda like a party crew where they hosted crazy parties and then in the end there was a huge fight afterwards (classic). This Malandrinas video kinda shows the initiation to a clique or party crew called las Malandrinas. Voces Del Rancho, Lupillo Rivera and Los Razos were hitting hard and were the popular ones in the radio stations.

It’s incredible how much Jenni grew in both talent and fame. With much dedication and love for her fans, her following grew and made her a super star. Tragically air plane accidents take many lives and will keep on taking them until the airplane manufacturers start looking at their business differently and start caring more about human life. “Basta Ya” shows how much “Sentimiento” she would put into each song. I can’t see why many women could relate, no other women has performed like her in their careers. “Descanse en Paz” Jenni

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