Before I departed on the path of becoming a graphic designer, I wanted to be a painter/muralist/rotulero but honestly it’s a really tough market to hit, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the fact that these signs are made by hand, it’s super expensive when it comes to getting a channel letter sign for your business, in Mexico so people hire “Rotuleros” dudes that single handily bust out a logo, text and characters on walls. The colors are primary and super bright but get the message through. These guys are the graphic designers of the Americas, let me just say “You guys get down”. For the businesses that have a bigger budget the design level is pretty good and I like to study and break down their image for research purposes. These are just a few of the thousands of cool looking “Rotulos” that you see in Mexico. On my next trip I will shoot way more to share with you guys and keep as reference for future design. Okay we are done with this “Rotulo” let’s go get a “Cahuama” at the local “Expendio”.

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