So one day my dad told me to take my old Nikes to the zapatero or shoe maker/fixer, I told him it’s too late for these bad boys they had paid their dues and it was time to retire them. Of course I knew he was messing with me, but then he went on to talk about how shoes lasted forever back in the days, now they tear up all fast and shit and are not worth the money. He used to own one pair and that shit would last him for 2 years, he would walk with them everywhere, fill it up with dirt and water, kick soccer balls and even go into the sea with them but he always had shinny ass shoes. He said he would use this special soap made out of squash and wash his shoes every time they were dirty ass hell. Well I kinda kept the tradition going even when we moved out here but most of my shoes are sneakers now and don’t need that much of the attention. Check out this dude that’s been busy doing this ancient art form for years and has passed on the tradition to his son. Fixing shoes like the shoe maker is a skill that should live on. Shine on.

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