What up guys, I hope you guys had fun over this long ass weekend, we are back on track, posting, printing, shipping orders, designing and marketing all to bring you the best of the best of this very sick brand called DMXUNO or Dimex or that paisa brand you like so much but forgot the name of it. Here’s a little inspiration for you to start the week, it’s a taco shop own by a Mexican duo called Mexicali Taco and CO. I have to visit this place now since they claim to have the best tacos in LA and to top it off they say they’re “Al Estilo Chicali” I’ll be posting my visit as soon as I go for sure. In case you don’t know where the hell is Mexicali it’s when you cross the border of Calexico down by the Imperial Valley and yes it’s fucking hot as hell but the city has a warm feeling when you visit. I recommend you go at night and don’t take your nice car, cause you will be stopped twice by the cops, once for driving drunk and the second time tens minutes right after for driving too close to a school bus at 5AM by cops dressed like they were going on a special ops mission, FYI just saying. Anyways have a good monday and check out the store. Paisa out.

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