I took a trip down to Indio the other day, that’s Indio, California. Special memories rise up every time I pass by here, I remembering crossing the border and heading our way to Pomona, CA. It felt like everything was so far, I had never seen cities so distant from each other. But then we passed by this huge looking fans and that’s where I realized that I wasn’t in Mexico no more. I was in then land of the future.

The funny thing is that the landscape looked the same, same type of looking mountains, hills, and desert wild life, like the one back at home. Why does this part of the world look like it’s the future?

We’ll it was. My parents were thinking about that future, something I didn’t understand, I just wanted to be comfortable in our house by the beach in Mexico. As we made our way up to the city I saw something I will never forget two huge dinosaurs by the 10FWY. I was amazed, our driver had to get off the FWY so we could check out the place. Next thing you know we are inside one of them, there was a store inside. Wow. To many this shit is normal but to me this is crazy different. This experience was so powerful that I really wanted to be a archeologist for the next three years. Funny thing.

As the night approached we were reaching our destination and by now I was sick of traveling for so long. The trip was over but the future was about to begin. Just thought it was a cool story.

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