history_wednesdaydimex_jesushelguera_2I have two favorite painters, well one of them is a muralist and the second one an almanac painter. These types of painters don’t exist anymore but every time I see a Jesus Helguera piece my desire for inspiration gets filled in seconds, the colors, the placement, the theme, the concept, the skills, the details, the beauty of our country.

dimex_jesushelguera_dimex_jesushelguera_1I have researched everywhere about this mans life and can’t find anything complete about him, just brief stories and articles. One article that I really liked about his life was the article posted on February, 2009 issue of Lowrider Arte
By Benjamin Francisco Hernandez, click here to read more. If you have any information on this artist, whether it’s a book or other cool articles hit me up en el Twitter. Muchas Gracias and hope you guys like it.blog_signature.png

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