Today my dad turns 48 years old. He has been a huge influence in my life, the reason why I set out to start my own company is because of him. We came to the USA 18 years ago, his mission to give us a better opportunity and life here in the USA, this mission is still going and when he decides that it’s completed he will go back to his “Tierra Natal” Guaymas Sonora Mexico. I take his sacrifice as a motivational resource every time I feel like my problems are a big deal, his advice has taken me to the point that I am at now and his support the confidence to count on someone when in need. I remember the stories he used to tell me when I was little, honestly I thought they were real, the way he used to help me with my homework and how he supported me when I wanted to play soccer instead of his favorite sport basketball. “Gracias Jefe”.

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