Half A Day


This is the desk I sit on for almost half a day every day, I guess you can call it my 8 to 5 job.  I try to make it more at home but it’s a little difficult being that the computer I use is frickin Slow and that I sit in a boxed area where I face a wall most of the time.  How to change this I ask myself?  Knock down the wall, hang shit from the ceiling, put dope mexican inspired posters up, buy a bunch of aztec gods and cool figures from mexico, add a TV to the side of my Computer Monitor to watch canal 22 the whole day, have a more comfortable chair, nap time right after lunch every day, and last but not least have drinks and snacks available 24-7 right next to me or in the cafeteria for free.  Un Licuados de Nuez, or pepinos con chile, mangos, papitas, churritos, elotes, paletas, etc.  If Im missing something I just cant’ think of it right now but will thrust me.


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