A while back one of my good friends Jonathan Salazar aka Workz decided to start a new life in the homeland, he sold all his stuff packed his bags, rounded up his family and headed down south to Tijuana B.C.

We headed down south on a friday night, drove to John’s house to pick up some stuff and for him to say goodbye to his mother. It was sad seeing them say their goodbye’s to each other since John was taking a big step in starting a new journey. We got some Jugitos that his mom gave us and headed over to the gas station to buy some Papitas and some Beef Jerky.

We had to pick up our good friend Tony Moroni before we got to our destination so we got off the freeway once we reached Lake Perris. The car had a full tank and we were packed inside, started bumping some old Hip Hop from a small CD Collection John had and started talking about art, hip hop, making it in the USA, Mexico, Kanye West and the respect we have for each other’s art style. Once reaching the border we asked John once more are you sure you want to do this? This was it, there was no coming back, we remembered that one time when we were in college and decided to go to TJ just to get some Street Tacos, how we risked it all for that treat, we knew we couldn’t get back into the States legally and we still did it. Had some tacos and then headed back to the states, with the help of a simple College ID and with the help of a group of drunken San Diego College students). John said yes and we crossed the line it had been 6 years ever since that crazy adventure, now we were back.

We finally reached our destination in downtown Tijuana where John’s Great Grandma lives, she was asleep but some cousins received us with some cold Tecate Light’s. We were staying the weekend so we unloaded our stuff and chilled for a bit before we got ready to hit the town.

Tita woke up and greated all of us she’s the type of lady that treats me like family so she gave a hug and a kiss and asked about my mom, I told her she was fine. She is 101 Years old. She started telling her stories about growing up in TJ, how she built her home from scratch while working “En el otro lado” and how she was one of the very first residents in that area of Tijuana. Her stories were wonderful and had my complete attention, I love history and she is part of it.

We finally headed out and were on our way, it was going to be a long night. The cousins took us every where, honestly I got to drunk to remember so we will skip that part.

The following day with a minor cruda we decided to cruise around the entire city and we did.

I was snapping pictures from behind the car so they came out a little blurry but it did the job. I was already getting hungry but couldn’t stop yet because they had a special treat for us back on Revolucion.

We also got to hang out at a very cool university or college I forget the name but it was right next to the Airport and we could see how the airplanes were landing constantly. We watched a soccer game and then headed back home.

Before finally calling it a night we decided to hit up Tortas Los Andobitas.

While the cook was creating his masterpiece I was admiring the rotulo they had hand drawn on their window as well as their delicious menu in their wall, man by now everything looked freakin’ good but we came for a reason and that’s to try their famous tortas. The cook grabbed a slab of meet and threw it into the grill, this whole time I was thinking that’s probably for all of our tortas, hell nah, that was my torta.

The master piece finished topped off with a salsita de chipotle and dug right in. Honestly this picture doesn’t give it justice to what it really looks like, one of the sickest tortas ever made, I smashed it in 10 minutes.

Once we were done we headed back home and decided to put some stickers up in the parking lot.

We headed to a Billiard spot in downtown where we had some caguamas and played the game a bunch of times. Once we got drunk we hit the Karaoke where I sang “El Triste”, “La Nave Del Olvido” Amongst others, it was really fun. The rest of the night we chilled until the billiards closed down and then headed home. Slept like a baby and was ready to come home the following day. Saying good bye to a good friend is really hard, I have known John since I was 11 we met in Junior High and been homies ever since. I hope every turns out great with him and his family and hope to see my buddy soon. That weekend was one to remember. Good luck Y pues “Que El Santo Niño De Atocha Los Proteja” Jeje. Sales compa.

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