What up “familia”, hope everything is going up to par with your shopping list, “Ya mero es el dia de Navidad” I already wrote my letter to Santo Clos, tied it up to a balloon and sent it out on it’s way. My list wasn’t that big this year: I just want Health, Love and my business to reach all of those people’s that haven’t heard or seen a DIMEX shirt before, it’s pretty simple and to the point, way different from when I used to write long letters for him when I was little. Today I checked out Galeria Alternativa’s site as usual and found that our interview had been published, I read it and was amazed on how it was written, I wish I had the skills to write like that, I bet this blog would be more deep and entertaining, jk. I loved the interview, it was more then what I expected and am proud to share it with all of our loyal customers. If you want to read it just click on the image and check it out for yourselves and you’ll see what I mean. Shout out to Fany Millan and Galeria Alternativa thank you. Enjoy.

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