I have been following the Mexican Elections on and off and honestly taught that there was going to be a dramatic change like that in Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Cuba but that will not happen until the plans between Mexico and the USA end. There’s too much in between them that it will take something more then picking a new president. Read the history and you will understand that every time Mexico has tried to change the leaders of that cause have been eliminated. They did it with Madero and Colosio by Assassinating them and now they are trying to do the same thing with Manuel, not by killing him but with a fraud election. I don’t have a lot of knowledge about the details of these elections but when the people rise that’s when you know they are tired of the same thing, because “El Pueblo Manda”. I love my country and hope for that change many of our Mexican heroes have promised, but until we stop negotiations with the USA and other countries that follow them, we wont have that peace Mexico well deserves. La hambre de un cambio ya esta en forma y la gente ya no esta conforme, Que viva Mexico y que se oiga que se cumplan nuestros derechos.

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