Our fourth of July a la Mex this year was pretty fun. We had some hand made Hamburgesas that were super juicy grilled to perfection outside in the really humid weather of San Bernardino. The hot dogs killed the appetite for a while but what I was waiting for was the Hamburgesas, I probably had three of them since the patties were awesome, after that we saw the Mexico V Chile game and was very disappointed that they lost but hey what do you expect when you send a non experienced team to face the best of the best, but it’s koo. In the night we headed to the city of Rubidoux to see the fireworks from my uncle’s trailer that is on top of a little hill with a perfect view of the show. When the show started it didn’t even last five minutes when the hill where they were shooting the fireworks from caught on fire, ending the show early and making every one go home. Really A la Mex.


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