This dude “El Cora” reminds me of a family friend that growing up used to live in a beat up trailer inside a Strawberry field in Montclair, CA. We used to invite him over to our parties and he would bring us boxes of some of the biggest strawberries in town. He used to sit down and drink his beer and by the time he got a little buzzed he would get a leaf from our orange tree and would start to blow on it and play a song, I really don’t know how he would do it but he would bust out some really sick melodies with it and we would just listen. Ever since I known him he lived in that little beat up trailer he used to keep a guard at night and work picking strawberries in the morning, when I used to go to school I would have to cut through the field to get to my bus stop and would see him chilling in his front porch “buenos dias Don Martin”. El Cora is a person similar to Don Martin, but instead of a leaf this person sings and went on a very popular show in Cali called “Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento” similar to America’s got talent and took the whole competition. I love stories like this and love to share them with you enjoy.

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