My good friend really wanted to continue his education right after high school but couldn’t. We were about to enroll at the same school so we could graduate at the same time and follow the same career, but they said, “No Seguro, No Education at this particular school” I knew it was because of his legal status but couldn’t get my head around the idea on how there’s actual people who would love a higher education and would do anything to do get to this but can’t get to their goals and dreams because of the Papeles. And then there’s those people who are born here and take advantage of the situation and let the opportunity escape like it isn’t a big deal. Why? This has to change for the better of the U.S. Here’s an image I put together for this cause. It has my kid with his little backpack representing the future of this nation. Pasen la ley cabrones, no se van arrepentir.

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