dimex_storefront_1dimex_storefront_2dimex_storefront_3john_pollolocoashleys_tornacl_ligamentsSo we took the task of remodeling the store our-selves with the intension of leaving it sick looking, like every Mexican we were like “No hay pedo, nosotros lo hacemos”  so we did. A whole week painting, cleaning, patching, eating, fooling around, and drinking cheves, the time past so fast and it felt like the advancement on the fixing wasn’t moving anywhere.  But it was slowly, this takes time, a lot of ganas and some skill in construction (which we don’t have).  After a week in a half I saw a Van chilling next door to the Guasalmex Restaurant (really good food by the way) with a sign that said “Contractor”.  So I hit him up and the negotiations started, it turned out to be a “chilango” and what a way to sell himself as the best of the best in the industry, haha, he made a $20 bucket of paint sound like it was the best in the world.  After all the talking we finally came to an agreement and he said “we can fix what you want in two days” so me, John and Jess were like “Sick”  so the deal went on and the process started.  Honestly the store is looking sick, full of new collectible Tees, Sweaters, Hats and Accessories.  On Grand Opening Day  we’re going to have Aztec Dancers, Raspados, Chill Musica, Good Deals, the presence of “MACHETE” from channel 62’s show Estudio 2 and much more just need to confirm. Afterwards we hit up El Pollo Loco for some pollito and fun times.  I’ll keep you guys updated as soon as possible but for now back to painting.  Saludos y nos vemos pronto.  Hechale Ganas A Todos Tus Sueños Y Se Haran Realidad.


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