It’s been around three months of pain, stress, love, dedication, art, tears, learning and crazy experiences since we opened our first retail store. We went from getting a place that looked like a dump but with lots of expectations to a place with great ideas and a future of it’s own. It’s been a crazy experience since day one and can’t wait for what the store and my brand holds for the future. I’m doing a lot of art work on the side, coming up with ideas to make the brand a more interactive one and not just another brand that takes your money and runs away, we just did a deal with an online company that eats, breathes and sleeps Latino based Clothing brands and can’t wait on how this company will make our brand grow, I’m coming up with simpler designs with the full DIMEX flavor you all love and most importantly having a blast at doing what I love. All I can say is “Gracias”.


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