Que Pasa with Dimex Moving forward, every day I ask myself this and think what do I have to do next to make the brand grow more, and every day I don’t feel like I do enough. It’s a feeling I have always had when doing anything I truly love, but in reality I do something every day to make the brand grow a bit at a time but don’t really see it most of the time. This whole time I have been learning the arts of Screen printing taking care of some side freelance work and working my 9-6 job and in between I have created new designs for the new Dimex T-Shirts believe it or not we are moving forward.


Going through my pictures in my phone I found this old school image of my best friend John (West Coast Punk) and me chilling at our local Denny’s where we would meet every Tuesday to talk about how we were going to make the brand grow. An old catalog is in my side as well as one of my sketch books that I had lost somewhere. This takes me back and makes me appreciate the support my friends always give me when it comes to making the brand a success.


Like i said I have been working on a couple of things here and there for the new designs. Here’s one I did inspired by the show that Chalino Sanchez had in Coachella when someone shot him in the stomach and he shot back with his Beretta. This design is available in our online store.


On Saturday I was eating one of these delicious candies called “Pelon Pelo Rico” By Lorena Candies and as I finished it I had an idea and got to sketching as soon as I got home.


That same day in the afternoon we headed over to Ocean Park Beach then walked to the nearest pier for a friend’s kid birthday party, we had a blast and enjoyed the walk and time to think about things. We left before it got too cold.


Also I have been working on getting better at screen printing I been doing it for like three months now and practice does pay or you be the judge, this is one of our best sellers “Sicarios” you can buy it now at our online shop.


When I got home this is what I started sketching, it’s a tough ruff draft of something special for the brand. Coming Soon, stay active.

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