Dimex Presents “Los Classics”


What up gang?
Long time no talk. Just got better from a killer fever and the after-math of it, it was a tuff battle “Human VS Cold” but as usual Human won. I’m going to put that in my resume “AWARDS: Battled the greatest cold in the world and lived to tell about it”


Well enough about my adventures, what this post is really about is”Los Classics” DIMEX’s first street team “The Rubidoux Chapter”. A group of loyal and supportive kids that make up this team, with Juan aka “El J-Lo” Lopez as it’s leader we will go thru many bloody adventures as DIMEX grows with time. My favorite part of it all is that they understand the concept and see the message that DIMEX portrays, only the best make this team, if you think you are capable of rocking DIMEX, Getting Free stuff, going to free events and acquiring many war stories for when you are old you can tell all your grand children, then you are a true contender for “Los Classics“. Visit the myspace to keep updated on news and our latest misdemeanors.  




Stay True


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