Dimex Night-La Cueva “Mi Aguila se Chingo A Tu Pavo”

Wassup Guys, finally back from the lag hole. This past friday we had our Dimex Night at La Cueva Night Club in Moreno Valley, “That shit was popping” I wanted to introduce the new line so we had a release party there. I have been a “CUEVERO’ since ’01 that’s seven years ago, the place is super chill and the music is classic. DJ Rolando who’s been in the game for a really long time knows his crowd and knows what the people want. So what does he do every Friday night? He gives it to them, honestly you can’t stop dancing, from Rock en Español, 80’s Flashbacks, Cumbia, Merengue, Some Reggaeton, Electronic, Industrial, and sometimes even Hip-Hop. After a long night of dancing the drinks taste like water and Tacos after the night is over feel like when your mom used to tuck you in after eating some pan dulce con leche. Anyways the place is dope and look forward on doing more events like this in the future. Shout out to Dimex’s official Photographer Martune who took all the photos, came out cool man.


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