dimex_plebes_1_2010shirtLos Plebes in Cafe Puntiadodimex_plebes_2_2010shirtLos Plebes in Carbon Negrodimex_plebes2010shirtI couldn’t hold it anymore so at least I’m going to show one of the new designs coming out this Spring. Our first title in the line up is “Los Plebes De La Sierra Y Sus Corridasos” I like to keep my releases a secret until I show them to the whole public but this way at least you know what you will be expecting at the DIMEX Grand Opening on the 24th. This design will be featured, I’m not sure if I’m doing Carbon Negro or Cafe Puntiado for the shirt colors, you pick, hit the twitter up and let me know. Just a reminder this design will be available only at the DIMEX store not any where else and remember there’s a limited run for these and all of the rest of the upcoming titles. Check back for more surprises in the future, I really want to show some images of how the store is actually looking and how the whole thing is going but it’s insane trying to deal with a bunch of stuff at the same time, you know what I mean. JEJE. Saludos and I hope you guys like the new tee. Hasta mañana.blog_signature.png

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